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Nov 2, 2012 1:00pm EDT
. that means sell the winners, capital gains taxes may be going up. that's been cited by traders. but i think sharon is right, it is the dollar moving up. we are at a two-month high. when that happens you tend to get pressure on a lot of different sectors in the market. if you look on the downside what's leading the market to the downside, they are the two most dollar sensitive sectors in the market, material stocks and energy. that's because these are all commodity bases and they get impacted by the movie on the dollar here. if you look at what's most active at the exchange traded funds, i'd pay a lot of attention to volume in the big exchange traded funds. tracked about 100 of them at a time. these have the heaviest volume. look. silver, gold, gold stocks, as well as some other ones that are in the overall materials index. that tells me that this is a lot of this decline is dollar related. >> got it. bob pisani, thanks so much. >>> now over to the nasdaq, seema mody following the big movers there. >> quick look at a large cap tech stocks and how they are trading. apple in focus with the ipa
Oct 29, 2012 1:00pm EDT
at the federal level. some mandates an certainly some restrictions. and taxes that are causing some issues. we look forward to a positive economy growth in our areas. >> are you at all hopeful that we will be able to avoid the fiscal cliff or do you think, as others do, that they're going to take it right up to the 11th hour? >> well, i think surely it probably will go to the 11th hour. we've seen that in the past. >> yes, we have. >> history repeats itself. that's something -- we need a strong leader out there. i think mitt romney shows that. people are recognizing that. a strong leader to avoid some of that. i'm working on next year's budget now. we'll have it done early. we're not going to the 11th hour. that's where people get concerned, cause a stalemate both in business development and in spending. we need to put the confidence back in the great country we are and in the citizens. we have businesses with cash. they're cash fat in some places but they're not comfortable yet to spend that and grow. so we got to quit this 11th hour type stuff. >> we've heard that story from a number of offi
Nov 1, 2012 1:00pm EDT
matter for lots of things, including fiscal -- the fiscal cliff and also attitudes to many aspects of tax licy environment, energy and the like. so the world's a risky place and this is a time of heightened uncertainty. now we talk to clients, we do surveys and our own analysts and they say the material drag on demand looking forward already this year. we think that's why we're a little bit below trend in overall demand growth. and the reality is, any way you slice it there will be some fiscal consolidation in the first half of next year. >> i think it is critical that you get business back on-board. one of the interesting things has been the consumer seems to be holding in there the retail sales numbers have been a lit better, consumer sentiment numbers have been a little better. business equipment and spending numbers haven't. if you can get both those cylinders firing, you could start inching away at the unemployment rate. >> vince, is your baseline hypothesis that something gets done either right before the close of the year or right after the start of the year, no matter who wins, to
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3